Review for Purium CBD OIL

Why is CBD Oil the new hit product everywhere?

Stress is high.

People are overwhelmed with life.
Anxiety is warping the nerves of humans right now.
We all know why this is happening. Overworked, underpaid, heart desired work denied, poor diets, negative thinking, dramatic emotions overplayed and dehydration. Let’s face it though, as positive as I love to be, I am very practical and striving for more of change in my own life. I share only because it’s therapy for me to write. With that, I get overwhelmed at times being a human being. It is hard for me to go out with crowds of people and I am socially awkward at times when I feel overwhelmed with doing simple tasks. My thoughts get the best of me and I notice my over thinking happens when I am going a mile a minute. 

Between taking care of Cheyenne 24/7, I work, play, read, study, meditate, organize, clean, network, stretch, write, keep up with both of our hygiene, self-care, chores, hike, go to the parks, shop, prepare and cook foods, I need medicine to help keep me going. Food being number one medicine, a lot of clean water, breathing consciously, essential oils and now finally an EXCELLENT CBD oil. 

I need medicine to help me to reconnect with myself so I can feel balanced again. I am integrating an unhealthy diet to a more satisfying diet that provides me with energy and help me maintain the connection with the pure loving energy that continuously flows through me connecting with Earth. 

I have tried so many CBD oils that have done nothing to me.
I have not received any of the benefits that were claimed. I didn’t understand because when I asked my body and spirit what medicine I needed, I hear CBD oil. It resonates everywhere I go when I hear people talk about it, so I try it.

I have to say that today my world was totally rocked!

I got my first bottle of CBD Oil by Purium today and I was SO excited to try it! I felt energized and calm at the same time. I felt balanced amongst what would have before been a rather stressful experience!
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(the picture I took when I got it in the mail! So EXCITING! )


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