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Super Mom, this is for you.....

ATTENTION: Health-Conscious and Busy Mom:
Before You Make Another Crockpot Meal, Read This Important Letter
You’re About to Discover the Quickest, Easiest, and Most Important Way to Protect Your Family's Health - Guaranteed

WithOUT changing meals, painful prep, 

or fighting poor food choices

In the next 10 minutes, I’m going to reveal one simple, fast secret that will

make your whole family healthier… starting this week!
Dear Health-Conscious & Busy Mom,
Do you worry if you’re doing enough to keep your kids healthy, wishing you could do more or do it “right” every time?
Is every day a constant battle of choosing what to sacrifice to get it all done?
From the moment you wake up until when you finally go to sleep, the whole day is packed with “to-do’s” -- all while managing meltdowns, skipped naps, and other curveballs along the way.
And your own self-care? Most days, that’s the first thing to go… It’s a miracle if you can get a shower in!
With a lack of time, sometimes you have to sacrifice quality in order to just get dinner on the table. (And if you’ve got a picky eater, good LUCK getting him to eat that broccoli)
So how do you know that you’re taking the best care of your kids’ -- and your own -- health?
It seems like every day, there’s something new to worry about. You think you know what to look for and then there’s a new study out! It can all feel so overwhelming.
What if you could make just ONE simple change that could make EVERY meal you cook healthier? 
WithOUT going on another fad diet.
WithOUT spending ANY more time researching recipes.
You don’t even have to change a SINGLE ingredient you put into your crockpots!

So, what is this simple change?

It’s a miracle elixir which can help you and your family to…

  • Prevent ailments like cancer, chronic headaches, body aches, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, fatigue, asthma, back and joint pain
  •  Have more energy
  •  Lose weight
  •  Clear skin
  •  Get better digestion
  •  And more…

With this one simple change,

you could impact your entire family’s health… THIS WEEK!

This miracle elixir is WATER. 💦

Next to oxygen, nothing on Earth is more essential to life than clean drinking water.
Our bodies are made up of 60-75% water.
I like to simplify and say ¾ of your body is water.
By drinking the right amount each day, you can help ALL your body’s systems to function properly.
Most people are NOT drinking enough water!

When YOU are NOT drinking enough water...

your body is forced to recycle dirty water!

Dehydration limits elimination of toxins from your body, leading to toxic sludge, metabolic waste, and...

...your body creates MORE FAT!

So how much water should you be drinking? 
At a *minimum, you want to drink one ounce of water per pound of body weight daily.
Check out this chart to find out how much water you should be drinking for your body weight:
But the elephant in the room is…

Much of Our Drinking Water isContaminated!

Even if you DO drink the right amount of water every day…
Your water may be exposing your family to contaminants like lead, asbestos, arsenic, endocrine disruptors, and parasites. Yikes!!

Do You Have Lead or Asbestos  In Your Water?

How can you know if your drinking water is safe for your family?
The Cold, Hard, and Scary Truth About Water in the USA and Canada is…

Much of Our Drinking Water Is Contaminated… 

And We Don’t Even Know It!
The unfortunate truth is that, before your drinking water even reaches your tap, it’s susceptible to a variety of chemicals, parasitic cysts, heavy metals, and contaminants.
These contaminants causing serious health problems around the country -- like cancer, miscarriages, digestive problems, gastrointestinal diseases, or worse.
What Could Be Lurking In YOUR Town’s Trusted Water Supply?
Could Your Town’s Water Supply Also Be Infected?
Thousands of potential contaminants in tap water have been identified, but only 91 contaminants are regulated by the Safe Drinking Water Act.
Here are just a few of the contaminants that have been found in tap water across the USA:
  • Lead: A cumulative poison that causes nervous system and kidney damage. Highly toxic to infants and fetus.
  •  Asbestos: Can cause cancer.
  •  Arsenic:  Can cause cancer, cardiovascular and dermal effects.
  •  Chlorine: Chlorine combines with organic matter to create disinfection byproducts that have been linked to cancer, miscarriages, and stillbirths.
  •  Giardia: a microscopic parasite that has been contaminated with feces from infected humans or animals and leads to gastrointestinal diseases.
The Parasite Giardia That May Be Swimming In Your Drinking Water

The Parasite Giardia That May Be Swimming In Your Drinking Water

 Our Water Problems Are Getting Worse Every Day
  • Chemicals, Heavy Metals, and Toxic Waste Dumped Into Water Basins - Heavy metals, chemicals and toxic waste are getting dumped directly into the water basins… which then drain into our bodies of water.
  • Outdated Water Systems Transporting Tap Water - Aging, outdated underground pipes transporting our water across the country create more contaminants in our drinking water.
  • Toxin Build-Up In Our Water Supply - Chemical-laden household products are being poured down the drain, and chemicals are ending up back into our water supply, creating a longer list of toxins in our drinking water by the day.
  • Natural Disasters Spreading Quarantined Hazardous Materials -There are quarantined sites all over the country filled with millions of pounds of hazardous material contaminations. When natural disasters like hurricanes and floods unexpectedly hit, they are mixing with the hazardous materials, spreading more contaminated water.
Where Does The Contaminated Water Flow To?
There's only one place it can go...

It goes back into the earth… and back into the water sources.

And where does your tap water come from? The water sources!
So, have you stopped to wonder:
"How much of this contaminated water is flowing 
directly into my kitchen sink?"
It’s a scary thought!
It’s Not Just About The Water You Drink… 

What About The Water You Cook With? 🍲

We often don’t realize how much water we cook with on a daily basis!

Your water is also going into food like…
  • Your special recipe for chicken soup to help your kids when they’re sick
  •  All your stews, soups, pasta sauce… even gravy!
  •  Your kids’ favorite spaghetti or the rice for your casserole dish
  •  Steaming vegetables
  •  Washing fruit and vegetables
  •  The water in your daily coffee, tea, or fresh fruit drinks
  •  Even the water you feed your beloved pets

If contaminants are going into all your food and drinks, the toxic load on your whole family is only increasing and compounding daily.

Maybe you’ve heard about the risks of tap water, so you’ve gotten a water filter.
But what you need to know is…
Many big-name water filter companies are NOT taking out all the toxins!
Your Current Water Filter May Not Be Effective Enough
  • Filters like Brita are NOT taking out cysts, chlorine, chloramine, parasites or lead.
  • Most refrigerator filters have NOT been tested for the amount of contaminants they remove (and gross mold can easily build up too).
  • Reverse Osmosis systems are NOT removing endocrine disruptors or other emerging contaminants.
It’s Easy to Find This So Confusing...
After All…
Many Filter Companies Are Deceiving Us With Their Marketing Claims
The water filter industry is yet another industry filled with many companies in it just for the profit...
Unscrupulous corporations make claims about their effectiveness without validating them -- purposefully deceiving us with their marketing...
For example, by using the popular phrase, “Our filter removes or reduces up to 99.9% of contaminants like…” they’re deceiving us with a claim that can’t be validated.
Even a piece of toilet paper could reduce “UP TO”99.9% of contaminants, by reducing .0000001% of them!
Wouldn't It Be Nice If Your Bottled Water Was Protecting You?
It's Not!
Maybe you’re aware of the potential dangers of tap water so you give your family bottled water?
But here’s the ugly truth about bottled water…
Bottled Water Is Often Just Tap Water Repackaged, With the Same Contaminants!
The same harmful contaminants found in tap water, like arsenic and lead, have been found in bottled water.
With fancy labeling and ad campaigns, we’ve been fooled by big corporations into thinking that bottled water is good for us.
But there are no regulations for the claims they make on their bottles.
Even Coca-Cola’s trusted brand of water, Dasani, has been banned twice from the UK for bromate contamination AND has been sourced from municipal tap water reservoirs.
But that’s not the only risk of bottled water…
Plastic Bottles Can Cause Cancer!
Endocrine disruptors leached from plastic bottles interfere with the body’s endocrine system and hormones… Causing a host of problems like cancerous tumors, birth defects, and other developmental disorders!
The risk of plastic leaching is increased because…
  • Bottled water often arrives on your store shelf 1-3 years after being bottled, shipped across the world or country in varying temperatures, leaching chemicals that are known to change the sex of fish and amphibians in freshwater streams.
  • Even if the bottled water is not so bad, often in the bottling facility, the bottles are tightened with gas, allowing chemicals in the bottle to leach out.
When you drink bottled water, you have no way to know of the quality of the water you are drinking… or what endocrine disruptors have been leached into it!
With risks like these to our drinking water supply -- and our families…
What’s the Solution??
How Can You Find the Healthiest, Cleanest, AND Most Cost-Effective Drinking Water To Give Your Family?
I spent years searching for the most effective point-of-use water filter on the market.
Here’s what I found…
Multipure® is the Top-Rated & Best Performing Water Filtration System in the World
Multipure is…
  • ✭ The Highest Rated Filter by the Highest Rated Testing of NSF International (Beating popular filters like Brita and PUR... and all the other 8,000+ other filters certified by NSF)
  • ✭ Certified by NSF International For Reducing The Widest Range of Contaminants
  • ✭ Industry-Leading Filter Technology (Even advanced water ionizer machines require a pre-filter, like the Multipure Aquaversa filter!)
Multipure Drinking Water Systems are tested & Certified by NSF International for reduction of these major contaminants, with health effects like:
  • Arsenic - cancer and cardiovascular effects
  •  Lead, Heavy Metal - nervous system and kidney damage; highly toxic to infants and fetus
  •  Mercury, Heavy Metal - kidney and nervous system disorders
  •  Giardia, Cyst - diarrheal disease
  •  Cryptosporidium, Cyst - diarrheal disease
  •  Asbestos, Inorganic - cancer
  •  Trihalomethanes, Disinfection By-Product - cancer, reproductive problems, miscarriages, stillbirths
  •  PCB's, Chemical - endocrine disruptor, cancer
  •  Chlorine, Aesthetic Treatment - When combined with organic matter, chlorine creates disinfection by-products that have been linked to cancer, miscarriages, and stillbirths
  •  And many, many more. (Click here for the full list)
When You Use a Multipure Drinking Water System, You’ll Be Guaranteed Refreshing, Safer Water Directly From Your Tap
For more than 48 years, Multipure has been committed to producing products that reduce the widest range of contaminants.

Get Peace of Mind Knowing 

Multipure Filters Are

NSF® International Tested and Proven To Be...
"The Most Effective Drinking Water Filters In The World"
Did You Know That Multipure Invented The Most Effective, Industry-Leading Filtration Technology? 
NSF International is a not-for-profit organization that provides fair, objective, unbiased information about products on the market that may impact the safety of your water.
When a product meets NSF standards, this means the product claims have been verified by thorough testing and is proven to meet strict standards.
View Multipure’s NSF Performance Data sheet here for verified proof of its effectiveness.
Did You Know That Multipure Invented The Most Effective, Industry-Leading Filtration Technology? 

Back in 1970, Multipure originally invented their unique filter. They have spent millions of dollars in ongoing testing, research, and certification to develop the highest quality, most efficient water filter.

This water filter is still to date the most effective, industry-leading filtration technology on the market.
What Makes Multipure’s Filter The Most Effective In The World?
Multipure’s unique carbon block filter is composed of a dense core that forces every molecule of water through microscopic pores of cleansing carbon.
The filter has millions of tiny pores where filtration process takes place.
Other less effective filters often have larger, inconsistent pores that reduce the quality of the filtration. In those filters, the water -- and the contaminants -- might bypass the carbon completely.
The Multipure Aquaversa is a Safe, Easy, Superior, AND Cost-Effective Solution 
Multipure’s Aquaversa Drinking Water System offers a powerful and convenient method to obtain cleaner, clearer, healthier drinking water in your home.
The Aquaversa features a stainless steel housing and is designed for installation versatility.
Easy to Install!
All you have to do is add the Multipure Aquaversa filter to your faucet, and you’ll transform all your meals and your family’s health -- without having to change a thing.
The Countertop unit attaches easily to your faucet without any plumber’s assistance!
You’ll simply connect your filter to your existing faucet using our dual-hose diverter valve, which allows you to easily switch from filtered to unfiltered water.
If you prefer to be able to run hot water through your water filter, the below-the-sink filter is best. In that case, we recommend that the below-the-sink filter is installed by a licensed, bonded and insured plumber.
Once it’s installed, you only have to change the filter one time per year!
No more empty pitchers in the fridge…
Nothing to refill again and again…
No buying filters over and over during the year…
You’ll simply be able to turn on the tap and get as much clean, healthy drinking water as you need!
Set it a fornd forget it!
Watch this video to see how much easier your life will be with Multipure!
You’ll no longer need to worry about potential contaminants in every meal you cook, or with every sip of water, your kids take.
You don’t need to worry about refilling your countertop filter ever again or replacing over and over throughout the year.
You can rest assured, knowing your family is getting healthy, great tasting drinking water every single time!

Who Am I and Why Do I Care So Much 

About the Water, You’re Drinking?

My name is Shawnee Faye Hunter and I love to help people live a healthy life! Since our body is made of mostly water, it is SUPER IMPORTANT to consume healthy CLEAN water. I have been inspired by other water enthusiasts the importance of drinking clean water for myself and my daughter. Every meal I cook with I know is clean from using the Multipure systems. Better yet, the filtration systems are efficient and affordable!

I believe in the power of positive thinking. I love to write motivational reminders from a broad range of food, water, emotions, mental clarity and spiritual health. I learned from the powerful scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto, our thoughts and emotions are changing the molecular structure of water. Thus when we consumes healthy water we can feel gratitude for the water meaning the molucules are shifting to a higher frequency helping me to feel happier and healthier.  This is why I believe in helping to spread the wealth of knowledge to people about good systems that work with filtering out contanination build-up in water. I have been using my system for two years and feel amazing knowing that I can get good clean water where ever I go. If you have any questions with the check out or products avaiable, please contact me. My phone number is 808-278-8887!

How Multipure Compares With Top Name-Brand Filters 
per gallon
  • Water flows through a bed of charcoal granules, which traps particulate matter, removes some chlorine and lead, and reduces taste and odors. Much of the water may channel around the carbon granules, avoiding filtration.
  • Ten-year warranty

*Click Image to Enlarge

per gallon
  • Water flows through a bed of charcoal granules, which traps particulate matter, removes some chlorine and lead, and reduces taste and odors. Much of the water may channel around the carbon granules, avoiding filtration.
  • One-year warranty


per gallon
  • Industry-Leading Carbon Block Technology
  • Lifetime warranty on the stainless steel housing
  • 1-year warranty on accessories
  • 90-day unconditional money back  guarantee

*Click Image to Enlarge

Pur and Brita remove far fewer contaminants from your tap water than Multipure… at a higher price per gallon and over time.
  • Multipure Costs Less Per Gallon
  • Multipure Filters More Contaminants
  • Multipure Has A More Advanced & Effective Technology
  • Multipure Has The Best Warranty In The Industry
The choice is clear… Multipure!

 Here's Just A Small Taste Of How Multipure Filters 

Will Change Your Life:
Protect Your Family’s Health Without Them Changing A Thing -- You’ll be helping your entire family to lighten their toxic load with this fresh drinking water without having to change their diets or get them to exercise -- so that you can have more peace of mind about your family’s health.
Lessen Your Entire Family’s Risk for Illnesses and Cancers Caused by Toxic Water -- By purifying with Multipure, you can know you’re helping lessen your family’s risk for illnesses and cancers that can be a result of toxic water and plastic bottles. And their bodies are eliminating toxins more effectively.
Save Money Year After Year After Year: Multipure filters cost less than 9 cents per gallon. Multipure water systems have a lifetime warranty, and filters only need changing one time per year.
Make Your Meals Healthier Simply By Cooking With Multipure-filtered Water -- From the fruit and vegetables you wash to the water you boil, all of your food becomes healthier through using water purified by Multipure.
You’ll Be Drinking from the Most Effective Water Filter Available In The World -- Tested and proven by NSF to reduce the widest range of contaminants to your water -- like lead, asbestos, mercury, and parasites.
Improve Your Energy, Skin, and Digestion Through Pure Water -- Water is the #1 key to great health and your body relies on clean water to eliminate toxins. Drinking pure water filtered by Multipure means you and your family are giving your bodies cleaner water and cleaner bodies.
Have Peace of Mind -- Knowing that you are protecting yourself and your family from exposure to contaminants lurking in tap water. Multipure filters are the highest rated filters on the market by the non-biased non-profit NSF International.
Improve the Environment -- One Multipure FIlter replaces 8,000 12-ounce plastic water bottles. You are improving the environment through reducing your use of plastic bottles that are filling our planet with harsh chemicals, harming our wildlife, and more trash and contaminants that end up back in our water supply.
Exceptional Customer Support -- Your questions can be personally answered by our support team located in Las Vegas, NV.
Exclusive Warranty -- Lifetime Warranty on System Housing.
100% Risk-Free 90-Day Money Back Guarantee -- Trying Multipure is 100% risk-free! If you aren’t completely happy with it, rest assured we have an Industry-leading 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.
… has been rated #1 by NSF, Consumer Reports, Consumer's Digest, and The Environmental Working Group's (EWG) Water Filter Buyers Guide 
Here’s what fans are saying about Multipure on Facebook…
Here is your opportunity to get the Multipure Aquaversa filter for your home
You can choose the best option that’s right for you and your family.
System Options:
This unit sits on your counter next to the sink and connects to your existing faucet using a hose and diverter valve that allows you to easily switch from filtered to unfiltered water.
This unit may be converted to a below-the-sink unit with the purchase of a conversion kit.
*Warning:  If hot water accidentally flows through this filter, it ruins the $70 replaceable filter cartridge.
Optional 0% 12-month same-as-cash in-house financing
*Please note on the 0% financing, you will need to contact me or Multipure directly to purchase this option
This popular model comes with its own specially designed drinking water faucet which is installed directly on your sink, using little space.
This versatile unit, installed below your sink, can sit on the cabinet floor or be mounted on the cabinet wall with a bracket.
It may be connected to an icemaker or other devices, using an optional tee, and it may be converted to a countertop unit with the purchase of a conversion kit. Faucet Available in multiple colors.
This kit also allows you to run hot water through it.
Optional 0% 12-month same-as-cash in-house financing
*Please note on the 0% financing, you will need to contact me or Multipure directly to purchase this option
You’ll make this one-time payment for your Multipure drinking water unit -- and you’ll have the unit under warranty for life! (Your car doesn’t even have a lifetime warranty!)
You’ll only need to change your water filter one time per year… vs. every two months if you’re using Brita’s standard filter.
*On Lifetime Warranty, please note that drinking water systems need to be replaced with a genuine Multipure filter at least once a year.

Save Money Using Multipure 

Instead of Other Filters
 Cost Per Gallon Over Time
A family of four uses about 750 gallons of water for drinking and cooking per year.
The Brita Pour-Through has a lower initial cost. However, the ongoing filter replacement cost of Brita filters is more. Filters must be changed about every 40 gallons.
The average cost per gallon of the Brita Pour-Through comes to $.32.
Meanwhile, did you know that one Multipure filter generally costs 9 CENTS per gallon? At that price, it would only cost you $70 for 750 gallons of water.
Compare the prices of Brita and Multipure filters over a period of one, two, five, ten, and 20 years. You'll save $1,766.40 in 20 years if you buy a Multipure -- AND you’re reducing the broadest range of contaminants.


1 yr: $34.99 + $158.27 (19 filters@$8.33) = $193.26
2 yrs: + $316.54 (38 filters @$8.33) = $316.54
5 yrs: + $791.35 (95 filters @$8.33) = $791.35
10 yrs:+ $1,582.70 (190 filters @$8.33) = $1,582.70
20 yrs:+ $3,165.40 (380 filters @$8.33) = $3,165.40


1 yr: Any 750 Model -- filter included = $700.00

2 yrs: +$0 (1 liter) = $00.00
5 yrs: +0 (4 filters) = $00.00
10 yrs: +$0 (9 filters) = $00.00
20 yrs: +699.50 (10 more filters @ $69.95 = $1399.00
Remember, with Multipure you also save on time spent going back to the store to purchase replacement filters multiple times a year or on refilling your countertop filter again and again and again! 

Switch From Bottled Water and

Save Thousands of Dollars Every Year
Instead of buying expensive bottled water, again and again, you’ll be saving money with Multipure.
750 Gallons Bottled Water: $2,752.50
750 Gallons Multipure Water: $70
*Costs averaged per gallon based on several brands of bottled water.
Just 1 Multipure filter cartridge replaces 8,000 to 12,000 plastic bottles from ending up in our landfills and oceans.

With Multipure, You’ll Save Money Year After Year

-- While Reducing The Most Contaminants.
Why Keep Your Family Waiting Any Longer? 
Why wait another moment to risk your family’s health and well-being?
Why let more time pass before making your family healthier?
Stop the damage now from ingesting chemicals, toxins, endocrine disruptors, and other contaminants in your water. All it takes is one switch to Multipure!
90-Day Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee
Try out Multipure with absolutely NO RISK. You have 90 days to test your filter, and if you don’t absolutely love it, you can get your money back -- guaranteed.
If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your Multipure Drinking Water System, Multipure will refund 100% of the purchase price.*
*Note: Customer will receive a refund minus the shipping fees paid.
Lifetime Warranty
With Multipure, you have a warranty for LIFE on the Multipure Drinking Water Unit.
  • Lifetime Warranty on Stainless Steel Housing, Plastic Housing, and Pressure Vessel (your house and car don't even have a lifetime warranty)
  • 12 Months - Accessories Warranty - All exterior hoses and attachments are warranted for use and will be repaired or replaced at NO CHARGE.
*On Lifetime Warranty, please note that drinking water systems need to be replaced with a genuine Multipure filter at least once a year.

Now’s Your Chance to Make the Best Decision For Your Family

And Reduce Their Toxic Load For Life! 
Make your whole family healthier -- without them changing a thing!

The Reality is We Have a Compromised Health Epidemic

And a Toxic Buildup in Our Bodies Over Time
Water quality is getting worse every day.
Your family is exposed to compromised health. And contaminated water is just ONE of the worldwide health risks we are facing.
With pollution, GMOs, toxins and chemicals in our water, our food, our environment, our carpets, and our cleaning supplies -- as a community at large, we have a compromised health epidemic on our hands.
Our bodies are overloaded with toxins from our homes -- even the household cleaning supplies to rely on to keep your family free of germs are packed with toxic overload.
It doesn’t matter if you’re going gluten-free, dairy-free, or paleo if you’re still contaminating your ¾ of your body through contaminated water.
Diet and exercise don’t count as much as the quality and quantity of the water you are putting in your body.
Our responsibility to ourselves and our families is to make the best possible choices to help lessen this toxic load on our bodies. 
Until we can create global solutions for the environment, our water, and our food, it is up to us individually to make the best choices for our family.
And because ¾ of our good health is our water, water is the #1 place to start.

You Can’t Control the Pollution In the Water.

You CAN Protect Your Family By Taking ONE Fast, Easy, and Cost-Effective StepThat Will Make An Enormous Difference To Your Health: 
Getting your Multipure Aquaversa Filter. 
Click the Big Green Button Below to Order Your Multipure Aquaversa Water Filter Now… 
Multipure Independent Number #432456
With just ONE STEP you can change your whole family’s health!
Frequently Asked Questions:
 Can I travel/move houses with my Multipure drinking water system? 
Yes, it's easy to hook up and disconnect from your faucet -- either above the counter or under the sink.
 What if I’m renting my house/apartment?
If you are renting, no worries -- there’s no damage inflicted to the sink or countertop. And if you move, you can easily pack your Multipure Aquaversa up and take it to your new home.
 What if my tap water has arsenic in it?

Aquaversa reduces arsenic significantly. However, if you know your tap water has arsenic, your preferred option would be the Aquaperform Arsenic Filter, which is specifically certified to reduce arsenic.

If you don’t have a filter yet and aren’t concerned about arsenic in your water, then Multipure’s top-selling filter, the Aquaversa is about to be your best friend in the kitchen.
 What if I have brown, smelly flammable water?
In this case, I encourage you to reach out to me and send your location information and we can help you look up what may be happening.
Time is Running Out! 
You might sometimes think to yourself,
“I know I should be doing more.”
As a busy mom, the reality is that sometimes you just can’t!
Sometimes, convenience wins out! 
So this is one simple change you can do that will impact your family’s health for life…
with no extra time or work for you.
Click the Big Green Button Below to Order Your Multipure Aquaversa Water Filter Now… 
Multipure Independent Number #432456
With just ONE STEP you can change your whole family’s health!
You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose
Multipure is a Proven System.
We’re So Confident In This Water Filter That You Have a...
Risk-Free 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
+ Lifetime Warranty

Your car doesn't even have a lifetime warranty!

Try the Multipure Aquaversa in your home this week for 90 days.  If you absolutely do not love it, please mail it back to Multipure in Las Vegas and return it!

Send me proof you have done this and I will even reimburse you the shipping costs... just so it's completely risk-free and there's only gain!

But the risks of not getting this filter -- your family’s health and well being -- are too high.
Don’t let any more time slip away... Take action and secure your family’s health, peace of mind, and longevity now!

100% 90-Day Money Back Guarantee 

+ Lifetime Warranty

Every Multipure System We Sell Comes With Our 3 Tiers of Satisfaction Guarantee:

- 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
- Lifetime Warranty on the Filter Housing
- NSF Certification*
**except for the Aquamini and Aquasource Whole House System
*On Lifetime Warranty, please note that drinking water systems need to be replaced with a genuine Multipure filter at least once a year.

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#1 in Ratings
Consumer Reports, Consumer's Digest, The Environmental Working Group and NSF all agree Multipure filters are the #1 filters in the World.
We don't just stop at ratings...
Multipure is #1 in price
As compared to Brita pitchers and PUR Faucet Mount filters, Multipure filters are less expensive.
#1 in performance
The only piece of information you really need to know before making a drinking water system purchase, which affects your family's health, is the Performance Data Sheets.
Multipure's NSF-certified performance data sheets prove these filters remove the most and broadest range of contaminants of health concern.
<Performance Data Sheet Link>
<Contaminants of Health Concern Link>
#1 in quality
Multipure is the original equipment manufacturer of their filters, which are manufactured in Las Vegas, NV. Millions of dollars of consistent and ongoing testing, research and development have made Multipure filters the most trusted and stable water filter manufacturer in the industry.
#1 in value
#1 warranty
Lifetime warranty on stainless steel housing. I have friends who have owned their Multipure filters since the 1970's. In the '80's, Multipure updated their filter housings and replaced every customer's filter housings free of charge.
#1 guarantee
Test Drive Your Multipure Filter with Multipure's 90-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you're not 100% happy with your purchase for any reason, you may return your filter for a full refund, less shipping, no matter how much water you've run through the unit(s).