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About Us

Shawnee Faye Hunter

Entrepreneur, Writer, Devotional Mother

Shawnee Faye Hunter is a loving being here to provide deep insights into the world, spiritually and practically. She loves to write and share her soul with the world. She loves to write poems, self-care reminders, how to live a healthy lifestyle and astrology diaries about the current skies. She enjoys nature walks, traveling, caring for her loving child, exercising, and writing!

She was born and raised the first 8 years of her life in Texas, then raised in Pennsylvania until 13 years old, and Florida until a young adult. As a child, she loved playing softball, basketball, violin, cheerleading, and dancing. She has grown up to truly appreciate seeing all the beauty in the world. She lives as a child of God(Divine Creator, Mother, and Father) and believes in the wonders of life. She understands that a lot of people in this world are in a state of forgetting who they truly are and why they are here. Shawnee is here to help remind people of beauty and wonder. She understands the importance of shining inner wealth with the world one blog at a time.

She is a devoted mother of an Earth Angel, named Cheyenne. Cheyenne is a toddler right now, learning how to navigate through the world and how to use her words! Unfortunately,  Cheyenne’s father passed a few months after her birth, so they move through this world with him present in a special way. Shawnee and Cheyenne are beacons of love and light here to spread their wings as they move through the world as nomadic souls, understanding home truly lives in the heart. They live amongst community where ever they go, learning how to grow with other people in healthy ways. They live very minimal and enjoy the simple things in life.

Everywhere they go, they are working with the land and people to help create ways that give back to Earth and future generations. Shawnee and Cheyenne enjoy working in the garden with the butterflies and bees, nurturing and watching the biodiversity grow in love.

Read the blog to follow how they are growing in love.

The matter of knowing God is the restoration of forgotten memory. 


About Inspirational Healing


Inspirational Healing has been evolving over the last 6 years after it’s birth in 2012. After Shawnee had a large spiritual awakening on December 21, 2012, this educational outlet was created to bring spiritual awareness to more people.

As it has been evolving, the spiritual awareness has become more materialize offering healing SOLUTIONS to the problems we are facing as a collective to forgetting who we are. The solutions come in many forms and this space has been birthed to share those solutions.

There is a NEED for healthy food options, clean water, healthy emotions expressed, creative outlets, community support, educational information, and sincere hearts.

Shawnee has recognized these needs and is striving for excellence by sharing with you, all that she is implementing in her own life to remain in balance with being healthy.

Please feel free to check out the blog to learn all that she has to share.

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Be inspired to grow in love and be inspired to take care of your health.

We need you present with us… and to be healthy…

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Words from People I’ve Inspired!

There is absolutely nothing in this world that will provide more comfort and happiness than a testimony of the TRUTH. ~Thomas S. Monson

What are people saying about my writings?

“Shawnee is a beacon of light. She’s inspired me with her open heart and desire to grow and share her journey with those who want to learn from her experiences and knowledge.”

— Aliyah Bixby

“What a great idea to post a daily journal. I’m starting today reading yours. Journaling is hard for me.”

— Carole LandauSelf-Employed


— John ParcellSoftware Sales


~Susan King

Shawnee, I feel the exact same way about you! I was heading down an awful path for the longest time and life shifted for me and I was shown a better way. Now as I travel that path my higher power is putting people (such as yourself) in my way to guide me and show me all the possibilities. I don’t want to but me but especially my children short of all of this earths glories and I really feel that you can help me contribute (even if it just be spiritually, emotionally) goodness to each of my girls! Your way of living entices me so much and I am so intrigued by you and your journey so ty so much for sharing it with me! ~Elisa Cohen

“I love being able to wake up and see my daily inspiration!! Thank you Shawnee for giving me this opportunity. — Alana LayYogalates Expert

“You feed my soul Shawnee Faye Hunter, i am so glad to read your post and have your thoughts and wisdom to help in my life..always.”

— Dwayne CombsSpartan Race Crossfit

” I love this post, very interesting! I’m definitely going to start spending some time on your page and if you can somehow show and explain how the moon and energies (and everything else you speak about) can alter or influence us mothers I would love to post it on my page (motherly Motives) I could even make it to where you could post in it..Let me know..” ~Elisa Cohen

“I love you Shawnee Faye Hunter thank you so much for being you and spreading all the love and light you have inside you. I really needed your inspiration today and your page really helps. “

~Treeona Hill 

Photos, writings, and affirmations are all original creations by Shawnee Faye Hunter